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      Chinese economy maintains stable progress with opportunities ahead2019-03-22
      China's economy will maintain resilience and progress partly due to further opening up, a stronger domestic market and booming high-tech industries, a senior official has said.
      China accelerates rail-sea transit logistics2019-03-21
      Although based in the inland province of Henan in central China, Huang Xiaokang feels that a sea port has been set up at the doorstep of his company.
      China's Two Sessions buzzwords attract global attention2019-03-13
      China's annual Two Sessions have always been an important opportunity for the international community to observe where the world's second largest economy is heading. This year is certainly no exception.
      China February trade down as Spring Festival disrupts business2019-03-11
      China's foreign trade fell in February partly due to business disruptions caused by the week-long Lunar New Year holiday, customs data showed Friday.
      Optimism over economy resonates at "two sessions"2019-03-11
      Optimism over the economy is high at China's ongoing annual legislative and political advisory sessions despite challenges ahead.
      China's February CPI hits 13-month low, leaving room for macro control2019-03-11
      China on Saturday reported milder inflation in February, with consumer prices at the lowest level since January 2018, leaving room for authorities to maneuver macroeconomic-control policies.
      China to unleash huge growth potential with new economic drivers2019-03-06
      Downward pressure on the Chinese economy has worried global investors, but national lawmakers and political advisors attending the ongoing annual "two sessions" are optimistic about the economic outlook.
      China sets growth, reform targets for "crucial year"2019-03-06
      China unveiled Tuesday its growth and reform targets for 2019, and a "crucial year" in the country's endeavor to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020.
      Trade fair witnesses Chinese exporters' new approaches on boosting growth2019-03-05
      The 29th East China Fair, the largest regional trade fair in China, closed in Shanghai Monday with a trading volume of 2.3 billion U.S. dollars.
      Two Sessions highlight "key year" to reaching centenary goal2019-03-04
      Gao Aiping finally got his washing machine fully functioning as it was supposed to, as he and his family have moved into a new home with running water.
      Commentary: Chinese democracy puts Western illusion in dust2019-03-04
      Every year, just before China's annual two sessions, there are voices in the West declaring that China's democracy cannot truly represent the people. But the Chinese people disagree.
      Spotlight: MSCI's plan on A-Shares offers global investors greater access to China's capital market2019-03-02
      As the weight of China A-shares increases on a major global index, a step forward has been made allowing foreign investors to increase exposure to China's capital market and share in its growth dividends.
      5G-themed industry summit advocates fair competition, cooperation2019-03-01
      From automated cars to remote surgeries, futuristic scenarios have been pictured here in the 2019 Mobile World Congress (MWC) where 5G technology is in the spotlight.
      February PMI data show growing optimism on China's economy2019-03-01
      Fresh snapshots of China's manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors showed a more positive outlook on the economy despite a seasonal dip in factory activities.
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